SIlent Hill Fanatics Part 1

Yes, this is labeled as part one, as I feel very confident that more posts about these people will come in the future. Warning! You are now entering a rant-zone. You have been warned.

To start my thoughts off I must confess, everyone has something at some point about a game series that bugs them, and it's understandable. My last post was a complaint against the PS3 exclusives because it means I won't have access to them. The voice acting thing is a little annoying, but ultimately I'm really just upset over being denied something for no really good reason.

And thus we come to a distinct Silent Hill Fanatic trait: they lack reason. Sure, they might sound like they have genuine concerns in some cases, but the majority of fans that voice their opinions on the web are completely and totally incapable of liking anything new Silent Hill related because they have decided the first 3 games are perfect and that anything made by anyone other than Team Silent will never be good enough. Never mind the fact Team Silent has probably changed many members for each of those 3 games and probably only had like 3 consistent members, but hey, that would take away one of their reasons to whine.

I bring this up now because the stupidity of this fanbase has hit an all-time low: when they found out that Korn was making a song for this game, they had a cow and started an online petition to have it disappear. A SONG.  It’s time for the Silent Hill communities to put down their controllers, walk outside, get some sunshine, and stand in the street.


Konami, Are You On Crack?

Silent Hill HD Collection to be PS3 exclusive


Konami, what is going on in your head right now? Do you honeslty believe this is a smart business move? The latest two Silent Hill games went to the Xbox360, and now you're playing favorites with Sony? You are cutting out a HUGE number of potential buyers with this move, including myself. Heck, even if I HAD a PS3 I'd still be aware of how foolish this move is. In this day and age, there is no good reason to play exclusives when you have been intwined with both systems. This isn't a horror film- stupidity is NOT the only option here.

I don't know if you ever read the Silent Hill fansites, Konami dearest, but they are an ugly lot, and this does not bode well. And THEN...

Silent Hill HD Collection changes voice actors

... I've stood by your Silent Hill games through thick and thin, battling the haters and the whiners... Konami, you should probably check yourself before you go the route of Tecmo, who has proven time and again they are incapable of actually making smart business choices.

Good Gravy, I need to post more.

So today I decided to update my journal, and I noticed that according to the date on my last post it's been 2 years... Wow. 

I think that beats out my record at MiniTokyo, in which I haven't posted a wallpaper in just shy of a year, though I hope to post something soon. I won't lie, though; Job hunting eats a lot of my time, and when I'm not hanging out with my friends & family I'm more than likely going to be playing a video game. That's right, I'm choosing the world of gaming over wallpapers. I'm that sort of geek right now. Granted, I'm playing catch-up as I have been neglecting games that have been sitting on my shelf for some time, so I suppose it's a trade off.

I've had a lot of thoughts fluttering about in my head (reviews and just overall opinions) that I need to let out, so I'm hoping with a fresh new page design that I will actually start writing. I feel pretty confident that I would if I had a portal device that could boot up fast than my laptop, but beggars can't be choosers. 

Yay for new layout! It features a floral design from a blouse of mine that I scanned and tweeked.
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Life comes at you fast! Adventures in International Shipping.

It’s been forever since I posted anything here, but now I have a TON to say. And it sounds ridiculous. Today I shall tell you a tale of desperation, betrayal, and a little online store known as

Though I’ve become quite the ebayer, I’ve generally been quite leery of ordering things from overseas. A few months ago I broke through that barrier by ordering from this online store in search of the fabled Shakugan no Shana II season, because I don’t download episodes. Well, I ended up doing so in this case but I’ll get there eventually. Anyways, I don’t have a region 2 dvd player and I don’t speak Japanese anyways, so I had to find a boxset with English subtitles because Geneon/Pioneer is run by a bunch of jerks. After scouring the internet and finding nothing but Taiwanese dvds and a sold out boxset for Shana II episodes 1-13 I eventually found said site as having Part 1 in stock. I was so excited I decided to buy the entire season from that one store.

I waited patiently for it to arrive from an overseas location and a month later I was delighted to receive my package- well, half of it. The SECOND half. So I go back and email them as to what the hay happened, and THEN they tell me that the first half of the series is on back-order and that I have to wait for it to ship separately (2 months later, and it’s still not here by the way). And since I have to watch the episodes on Part 2 now to see if they work correctly before the return time is up, I resorted to downloading the first 13 episodes, which I hungrily watched all in the same day. Next day I pop in one of the actual disks that I ordered to check it out and low and behold, as part one ended in a cliffhanger and part 2 picks up in the middle, all of the characters names are in CHINESE. The grammar looked fine, but I had no idea who was who aside from Shana (Xiana), Pheles (Feleis), and a few other people who I figured out by context clues. I never figured out who one person was, though.

Since I didn’t want to spoil the tense episode but I couldn’t stand to wait any longer, I downloaded the rest of the series to finish what I had started. A few days later I found a different boxset that was only one set for the entire series (none of this part 1 hooey), and it had great subtitles. If only I’d found it sooner. Now, part 2 sits upon my dvd shelf as a reminder never to buy from ever again.

Still waiting on Part 1 to arrive, by the way.

The Fangirl in me lives!

Again, another update with a wallpaper:

One More Soul to the Call

Follow the thumbnail to Minitokyo or you can go to it on Animepaper here:

Oddly enough I've begun obsessing over Setsuna from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and I have this strong suspicion it's because he reminds me a wee bit of Heero Yuy... They both have gundams, are moody and reclusive, have not-so-naturally-shaped hair, and seem to have a habit of falling for princesses that only want to stop the fighting. Okay, maybe I'm stretching this but I did think it was odd that after I started obsessing over Setsuna I had the sudden urge to go back and look through all of my old pictures of Heero. Guess I'm just weird.
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Finally! I post again!

I seriously need to keep up with LJ a lot more. Anyways, I've posted another wallpaper at Minitokyo and Animepaper. The Minitokyo link is here:

Somewhere's Fable

I'm going to attempt make mention of posts that I make on other websites here, so hopefully that will help. I don't have much to say for the time being, but I plan to post a review for Silent Hill: Homecoming after I've finished writing it. I do plan on comparing playing it on the XBox360 versus the PS3 (since I've had the luxury of beating it on both systems :3 )so I hope it will be of some use to people out there that may stumble across me here. And it will be nice for me to get it out of my brain for a bit.

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A little late for April Fools.

Oddly enough about a month ago I went to a Game Crazy store and a girl that worked there said that Kingdom Hearts III was already out in Japan, and supposedly had been out for 3 months all ready at that point.

I was in disbelief over this, given the fact that on the web forums where I'm a member people become ravenous and crazy whenever anything new regarding Kingdom Hearts is released or mentioned. Well, I hadn't heard a thing, and I would have at least seen some sort of artwork for the game, right? I gave the girl the benefit of the doubt and decided to google it. NOTHING. Not a release date for the game, no rumors, nada. The hand-held game that is supposed to be released before KHIII didn't even have anything listed about it other than a title. Still giving her a shot I consulted the know-all and see-all to end everything on the matter: Ebay. Guess what.... nothing! That pretty much sealed it for me.

So what exactly was going on with the girl at the game store? It was already past April First, so it wasn't an April Fools Joke, but she seemed to honestly believe what she was telling me. Even now there is no new information on Kingdom Hearts III. Crazy...

I've got dain bramage, I think.

Sometimes I feel like I need to type, about anything and everything just to get stuff out of my system, even when I don't know what it is I'm trying to get rid of. Maybe it's anxiety over trying to find a new job, getting out of my Junior College, moving up to another college, or the fact that for three weeks I'm going to be forced into close contact with my Brother and Sister-In-Law when I'm not enjoying their company at the moment. Perhaps writing more on the fanfic I'm supposed to be working on would help (that always seems to), but this time I kinda of felt like I needed to at least state the problem to get it off my chest somewhere, and talking about these things with other people face to face just turns in to ranting, and I don't want to start holding conversations behind their backs. Just because I'm not happy with them right now doesn't mean that I don't love them, but I don't feel like I can talk to them about it.

I want one of those Staples Easy Buttons. 

Some people should simply cease to exist.

That isn't a threat, well, I will call the cops if my neighbors keep playing their ridiculous music where everyone can hear. I'm not even in a house next to them and I can hear it! I've decided to log the annoyance in my journal from now on along with the time, and if I can document it enough times to prove to the police that it's a problem I'm going to complain.

9:13 and the darn thumping is driving me mad.

I know that this doesn't seem very late, but they have a bad habit of carrying the music on into the night...

Some people are so inconsiderate that I can't express the negative energy in a way that won't send me to a bad place when I die. Seriously, as bad as it is for me, I feel horrible for the people on either side of them.

Happiness doesn't describe it.

First off, I need a happier icon for posts like this one. Not that you can get much happier than Haswar Falenas... she squees over cute things and hugs them because they're fluffy. But leaving that aside, my Genso Suikoden V Official Guide: Character of 108 Stars book arrived today from Japan! Whoo-hoo! That title was a mouth-full. Now I finally have all of the big artwork for the main characters as well as the concept art from the game. Unfortunately, the concept art is crammed together so that they could fit multiple people per page, making the pictures kinda small... I'll have to see if I can scan them at a bigger resolution.  I mean, you can still make out the pictures, it just is annoying to me because I was expecting them to be bigger rather than have most of the pages dedicated to info about the characters that you can already find in the strategy guide.

Speaking of strategy guides, I think people whine far too much about the US guide for Suikoden V. For one, it's nice to have the CG models of the characters displayed for once. There are weird things written throughout the book that don't even make sense (I'm assuming it was someone's practical joke), but I have to admit that makes the book more enjoyable to me. The weird writing doesn't take away space from anything important either- there's a fake "Hero" unite attack listed beneath several characters that lists participants by names like Shirley, Epona, Bigsby, and such; Detective Oboro's background has a bizarre paragraph that doesn't even make sense within itself, and if you're playing the game you really wouldn't learn anything worthwhile from a paragraph about it in the book anyways, so no loss there. My only complaint happens to be with the fact that the guide doesn't mention the easiest way to get the detectives. Normally that wouldn't be such a big deal since the method they wrote about does work, but the easier way also provides more talking and story elements. Other than these things, people are blowing the problems with the guide  way out of proportion. I'd actually recommend it for the weird writings, you certainly don't see that sort of goofiness in your typical strategy guide.
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